We quite understand that you will want to know how much all this will cost you. A problem that we both face is that neither you, nor we, have a clear idea about how much work will need to be done. Experience tells us that sometimes, where the work appears difficult and complicated, a solution and conclusion can be reached much sooner than expected. However, sometimes, the opposite can occur!

So this is how we deal with this. For some work, we can agree a fee before we start.


Service Fee
Divorce* £500
Change of Name Deed for an adult £85
Change of Name Deed for a child £100

*Please note that this figure represents our fees. It does not include the court fee paid to the court at the beginning of the proceedings, although you may qualify for a reduction of, or an exemption from, that fee. We will advise you about that.

But for most work, where the extent of that work is uncertain at the outset, we charge an hourly rate of £150.

We will explain in detail how we calculate our fees at the outset. We will also give you our best estimate of what we think the total cost will be for you, and will regularly update that estimate when things become clearer. We will agree with you, if you wish, not to exceed a fixed amount without getting back to you.

Please feel free to call around and ask other firms about their hourly charging rates as we are confident that our rates are very competitive. Please do bear in mind that here at De Lisle Family Law your work will never be delegated to unqualified staff, as is so often the situation. Your case will always be handled by a qualified solicitor.

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It’s not what we do but the way we do it that sets us apart.

A unique way which allows us to provide the very best in client service at a very competitive price.